Get Smart Calendar for August 2018

Get Smart…

30 Days of Stepping Forward into A New School Year!

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Welcome to August! When I was an educator, I called it the “longest Sunday night” because of the anticipation the month held for the new school year.  Parents, students and educators all seem to understand the rhythm of the year.  Backpacks and supply lists come out in July, and now we begin to readjust the summer days back to the schedules and alarm clocks of the new school year.

Welcome 2018-2019!

I wanted to celebrate learning and the discovery of getting smart about so many parts of our lives: sleep, food, health, books that boost our IQ, people and even the street!  This month features daily ideas, challenges and resources you might want to explore and discover ONE NEW THING to learn each day or each week.



Trust me, I get it.  August and the start of the school year is HARD.  I can’t imagine taking on every single one of the daily challenges this month (unless of course you’re not going back to school, in which case ENJOY!)…so I thought I’d give a few ideas to inspire and energize you and (hopefully) a friend, a teen, a partner, a colleague.


  • Don’t go this alone! People Smart people know that collaboration will always make for a richer learning experience.  Find a fellow learner, share the calendar and make a commitment to connect weekly to talk about the new things you tried during the week.


  • Starting school? Sending kids off to school?  See that August is already jammed pack (how DOES that happen??)?  Focus on ONE “smart” and enjoy the month in the simplicity and singleness of exploring ONE topic instead of all seven. Think about it.  By trying out ONE “smart”, you have 4 – 5 interesting new ways to think about your food or your body or your sleep.


  • Can’t figure out how to stay with a calendar? Follow me on INSTAGRAM!  (@encouragecounseling).  I send out daily inspirations and challenges that might be more your style.


Colin Wright said, “What’s the point of being smart if you’re not having fun?”

He’s right!  The new school year can bring up a lot of old stress, anxiety, expectations, worry.  You CAN start the new school year off with enthusiasm and a focus on learning.  You CAN start the new school year off with a new plan to address some old challenges and anxieties.  You CAN even decide to start the new school year off with an attitude of FUN.  It’s all up to you.


If you are starting to feel the anxiety, depression or overwhelm that has been part of your school year in the past, now’s the time to reach out and discover new ways to deal with old stuff.  enCOURAGE Counseling specializes in work with clients who experience school anxiety, social anxiety, depression and trauma (yes, it can happen at school).  Call today 720-230-3076 for your FREE 15-minutes consultation.  You’ll find that I provide a safe place for deep healing. You’ll leave therapy sessions with hope, some strategies to try, and a unique therapy experience that is created for your individual needs and goals.


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There is so much amazing information out there!  I hope this calendar will energize and enrich your mind, your body and your life.  I used a lot of research (Google smart!) and an afternoon to find some great resources about the topics I included in the calendar. Here are the links:


Food Smart – Food Rules

Book Smart – Biographies to read

Sleep Smart

Time Smart Time Hacks

Street Smart

People Smart – Toxic People





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