You’re wondering what happened to your story. How did everyday life create such a distance…a silence between the two of you? Trust has been broken in many ways; an affair, promises never kept, changes never permanent. You’re not sure how to start the conversation or how to be vulnerable enough to share your hurt, your dreams or your secrets.

Or maybe you’re relationship is new, and you want to make sure that you learn from the past to connect and show up as the right partner this time. You want to gain tools to communicate with confidence, trust and a commitment to a deeper intimacy than you’ve ever known.

Couples counseling is a courageous decision. By working together to rewrite your story, you’re investing in your relationship at a deeper level. In therapy, we will focus on the health and strength of you as a couple. enCOURAGE Counseling provides a safe place for deep healing that can lead to deeper intimacy, stronger trust and clear commitment. Based on your story, we will develop goals and work in session to support your growth and strength as a couple. You’ll leave your sessions with tools and a deeper connection that will support your commitment and communication.

Specializing in:

  • First Year Marriage/Co-habitation
  • Communication
  • Repairing Trust
  • Healing after an affair
  • Attachment and Intimacy
  • Dating relationships



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