Awake! September 2018 Calendar

We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.
Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to September!  This is the month of seasons changing…of new schedules and early mornings…of saying goodbye to summer and hello to the world of school, work, and sometimes stress, depression and anxiety.  Gee…that doesn’t sound very positive, does it?

What I notice is that with Labor Day (and the official good bye to white shoes and summer produce) comes darker mornings, fuller schedules and the calls to my office about depression, anxiety, stress and the memories that trauma can bring.

BUT September also brings this beauty around us…sounds, sights, even smells and the re-emergence of pumpkin everything!  This is a season that makes us realize that life changes around us, and it’s the beauty of life to be AWAKE and see the changes around us rather than hiding, avoiding, numbing and escaping what seems to increase when summer ends and fall begins.


This month is an encouragement to be AWAKE for your life!  Yes, it can be hard, even painful.  And being AWAKE means facing things, experiencing the full range of emotions and experiences.  AWAKE means to slow down and notice.  Sometimes anxiety and depression blind us and deafen us to those around us who are trying to connect, trying to support, trying to listen. AWAKE takes courage…it takes intention…AND it gives us the gift of LIFE and LOVE and GROWTH.

So how will you live this September 2018?

You can choose to stay asleep to the goodness,strength and beauty around you.  You can choose to stay stuck and focused on the pain, stress, anxiety and sadness within you.  Or you can take a brave step forward and be AWAKE for your life.  That means:

  • Experiencing your feelings (good and difficult, new and old), naming them, and telling someone who is safe and supportive.  If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, don’t numb out or deny what’s going on…ask for help.  Tell someone.  Name what’s going on and get support.
  • Waking up to the places in your habits, your life, your relationships that aren’t alive or thriving…and making a few decisions.  Either pour some AWAKE into these areas and see what happens…OR rock the status quo and TRY SOMETHING NEW!
  • Taking intentional moments EVERY DAY to experience all five senses in new, invigorating and beautiful ways.
  • Noticing what is you’re learning and what you might need to unlearn in order to have a full, AWAKE kind of life!


Ahead of you are 30 amazing days…amazing opportunities for an AWAKE kind of life! You get to choose how you want to wake up to your life.  This may mean enjoying the AWAKE calendar (right down there…see it?  Print it!  Share it!  Enjoy!).  You may want to enjoy 30 days of great AWAKE MUSIC (yep!  There’s a playlist JUST FOR YOU!).  You may want to reach out and try something new at school, or work, or in relationships.  You may even want to do the brave act of seeing what isn’t work, feeling deep emotions, and reaching out for support from friends, family or a therapist.

However you walk through the next 30 days, I’m hoping you’ll AWAKE to your life and begin this fall season with a new sense of yourself and of hope!

Here’s your AWAKE SEPTEMBER 2018 STEP FORWARD CALENDAR!  Start living awake today!




Finding that anxiety and depression have returned after a pretty good summer?  Realizing it’s time to make changes in your life, your relationships, your choices?  Recognizing that thinking about living without self-medicating, numbing out or stuffing feelings just isn’t working anymore?  Call enCOURAGE Counseling today (720-230-3076) for a FREE 15-minute consultation.  We can talk about what you’re feeling and what your goals are.  You’ll find relief in talking to a safe person and taking a step forward towards being AWAKE for your life!

Don’t waste one more day asleep in your life.  Take a step forward and call, text or jum

Here are the top 20 best songs to wake up to and the research about waking up today!


Here’s the Spotify Playlist just for your own AWAKE soundtrack!


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