Stepping Forward…




Happy February!  Before you roll your eyes and start panicking about the 14th Day of this month…Stop!  It’s time to Step Forward.  It’s time to look up and then look within.  Relationships in all forms and stories need fine tuning and some growing.  Don’t get stuck in “should” and cultural pressure and relationship status on social media.  Let’s start with YOU.

How’s your relationship…with you?

Do you enjoy spending time …with you?

Do you show up and show respect…to you?

Have you given thought and energy in ways that you can love…you?

Do you speak up and listen to the needs and wants…of you?

Honestly…this isn’t about not needing relationships, not connecting and enjoying other people, not about a fake “I love being single” slogan.  It’s about HONEST TRUTH.  If you can’t answer those questions with confidence, I guarantee every other relationship is going to suffer and die a slow, confusing death.

Your story is about growing strong.  

If you are looking at where you are and you’re not happy about how past relationships or current relationships are going, it’s time to Step Forward into Relationships.

This month’s calendar isn’t magical; in fact, I guarantee that some of the ideas are ridiculously weird.  BUT they are intended for you to look at a few areas in your own story.  AND I’ve included the links below that were supposed to be on the calendar.  I’m still learning how to create calendars and blogs.  Thanks for your patience … and for reading!

  • Love List:  Who are your support people out there?  You may have 1 and you may have 5, but everyone needs a Circle of Support.  Those are the people you know you can depend on, you can call, you can ask for help, and who depend and love you.  If this is uncomfortable because you can’t name names…THIS IS YOUR STEP FORWARD!


  • Love Dare:  I might not have hit the bull’s eye with these.  The point is to do something intentional and loving for YOU.  It’s called “radical self care” and it’s important.  Feeling resistant?  THIS IS YOUR STEP FORWARD!


  •  Love Adventure: These are just ideas to connect with people in your everyday world who are probably feeling as disconnected and alone as you.  Take a risk, reach out of your world (especially if you’re struggling with depression and anxiety!) and do something daring.


  • Time For You:  No matter what’s going on in your life and relationships, time to breathe and take a moment alone is essential to keeping in touch with your needs and wants.  Don’t miss this Step Forward challenge, no matter what!


  • Heart Check:  Learning about Love Languages often helps us feeling known and cared for in relationships.  Knowing the ways you best experience and express love can be a great tool in relationships.


  • Love Note:  We often walk through life and relationships with assumptions…if we don’t hear something, we assume things are good, or that they’re really bad.  Love Notes are a Step Forward into communicating to a variety of people in your world about what you notice, what you appreciate.  These Notes will help you grow in being open and explicit about what you appreciate and see in others!


  • Boundaries:  9/10 people who walk into my office are struggling with healthy boundaries that establish who they are and who they are not in relationships.  Living mindfully and strong means being clear about “No” and certain about “Yes”.


IT’S TIME TO STEP FORWARD…Relationships with yourself and others takes work…and it’s the most important place for us to grow and heal and write great stories!  Enjoy 28 STEPS FORWARD this month!


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