Step Forward into LISTEN

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Step Forward Into LISTEN



Recently I met a friend for coffee, oatmilk latte to be specific.  Yes, it’s a thing.  Yes, it’s life changing.  But while enjoying my latte, I realized I was being held hostage in a one-sided conversation.  I’m a good listener…I do it for a living.  But when I meet with friends, I’m always hoping that we do a little back and forth.  You know…talk a little, listen a little.  I left that coffee meeting feeling lonelier than when we started.  Sound familiar?

Listening.  No one really teaches us how to do it.  We know we are supposed to look at a speaker.  We think that nodding our head or asking questions makes us a good listener.  We even know the saying, “You have two ears and one mouth so that you are forced to listen.”  Huh.  And yet research talks about the #1 reason couples don’t make it is LISTENING.  Hunsaker told us the reality that we are distracted, preoccupied or forgetful when listening 75% of the time!  And 9 times out of 10, a client tells me, “I’ve never said this before.  He/She/My parents/My teachers don’t listen to me.” And sorry guys, brain studies show that you use one half of your brain when listening whereas the women in your life engage both lobes. We need to get better as listeners!

This month is a chance to adjust your listening and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  (and if you’re feeling stressed right now because, after all, who’s going to listen to YOU?  Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of chances to invite friends and family and coworkers to try out a few of the 31 experiments I wrote this month!)

So here’s the challenge:

  1. Try the daily adventures in listening.
  2. Invite others to listen with you.
  3. Send me a message about something that worked…something that bombed…something that left you feeling empowered and encouraged!

Below are bits of info and support for the next 31 days.  I hope you’ll enjoy 31 days of LISTENING!


This is Listening Bootcamp for the brave and audio!  Drop the “screen saver face” and focus on listening well to friends, family, and coworkers.  These activities will increase your active empathic listening skills.


Finding voices of those who are ahead of us in their careers, heroes and mentors is a key strategy in personal and professional growth.  Take time to listen to experts in listening on TEDTalks:‎



Music is a powerful exercise in productive listening!  Studies have shown it decreases stress and anxiety, and actually helps healing in pre-surgery environments.  Music studies showed that people consume 175 fewer calories when listening to music. Students who listen to classical music while studying have increased their math test scores by 12%.  Come on!  There’s got to be SOMETHING GOOD about the power of listening to music. Here are a few of the tunes mentioned in the calendar:


Sometimes it’s important to speak up where no one may be listening.  These activities challenge you to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, or even lead a movement of no more gossip or negative speech in your presence.  Maya Angelou once described her bold move of asking those who spoke with hate, criticism, negativity to leave her home because she could not endure the toxins that would linger in her home.  Be bold! Speak Up!  Experience the power of saying something people NEED to listen to!


When I was a middle school principal, I decided to spread GOOD GOSSIP.  I would tell people that I had just complimented and extolled their greatness to a colleague.  I was “confessing” my gossip about them because I wanted the to be confident that people were listening to wonderful, often hidden things about them.  Burn some ears this month!


Silence is powerful when we need to regroup, think deeply and restore after long days of school and work. Introverts NEED to set aside times of silence and quiet to fill their energy tank and prepare for the next social encounter.  Silence can be scary and it can be golden.  Try the power of adding times of silence in your life and see what it does in your emotional well-being.


Listening to laughter and puppies crunching their food and ferris wheel music are delights to our spirits and our hearts.  This day of the week will tickle your ears…and maybe your funny bone.  Let your ears delight with experiments in collecting FUN!


Like I said, we all are hungry to be listened to…especially when we feel voiceless or overwhelmed or silenced in a part of our life.  This month will give you a chance to give and receive quality, intentional listening.

Feeling like you need a safe place to be heard?  Know someone who is using destructive behaviors to be heard? Call enCOURAGE Counseling today.  You’ll find a safe place for deep healing and listening.  You’ll find that you have a place to be heard, be seen and feel like your life can change! Call TODAY for your free 15-minute listening and consultation. 720-230-3076.



Step Forward Into LISTEN

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