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When I dreamed of enCOURAGE Counseling, I knew I wanted to create a space where people would feel safe and heard because, let’s be honest, going to therapy takes COURAGE! And every time a client sits down for a session, I am honored at the level of courage it takes to tell a true story about ourselves.


 Brene Brown

This month’s Step Forward calendar is here to cheer on and encourage you all in becoming COURAGEOUS …of living a whole-hearted life that might include fear but always includes STEPPING FORWARD into your whole story. I hope that you will find the 30 challenges in April small experiments in living with COURAGE and finding out new ways to live your life, enjoy your relationships, and see yourself. YOU ARE COURAGEOUS!

To make sure you benefit from all of these daily challenges, let me explain their purpose and meaning:

ENCOURAGEMENTS – I invite you to start your week with a moment of inspiration. Being courageous takes a LOT of energy…and I’m hoping you’ll find the weekly quote nourishing and supportive of living in COURAGE. Brene Brown and Donald Miller (#brenebrown #donaldmiller) are two of my Courage Coaches. Their words, their lives, their thinking has pushed me into writing a new story and living with a courageous heart. I hope you’ll start learning from their work as well this month.

PERMISSION NOTES – I’m borrowing an idea from Brene Brown (HINT: Her work on courage, vulnerability, whole-hearted living is extraordinary! Want to grow in courageous living? Read her books or watch her TED talk ( and ). These are permissions you can literally write on bits of paper or on a screen saver…and let yourself LIVE WITH COURAGE!

20 SECONDS OF COURAGE – “We Owned A Zoo” ( ) is a family film of minimal notice…BUT WHAT A GREAT QUOTE! “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage” is one of my favorite lines! Take a breath…know that it will be over in 20 seconds and LEAP! I promise you can do it! I promise you’ll experience a roar and rush of COURAGE when you do!

I DARE YOU! – Ever play “I triple dog dare you”? We did as kids…it usually had to do with swallowing gross amounts of mustard or singing something ridiculous while shaking our hips to and fro. These are just little dares to courageous acts…Each one is designed to connect you in ways that we often lose in our Facebook/Texting worlds. Drop the phone…open your eyes…I dare you!

BE SEEN…BE HEARD…Showing up for your life – BE Courageous! Each of these experiments are opportunities to grow, connect, expand your story so that you are courageously living in the midst of people you love, you dread, you don’t even know yet.

BRAVE HEART – “Courage is a heart word.”  Again, Brene Brown reminds me that courage comes from the French word, “Coeur”…meaning HEART. To be COURAGEOUS means to live and breathe through your heart. Brave Heart experiments are meant to deepen your love…in ways that might seem vulnerability and intimate. They are simple but they are NOT easy! Neurobiology says that our brains attune and connect with people we love; those who make use feel safe, heard and seen. These four small acts will connect your hearts and your brains in deep ways!

STEP FORWARD – The weekend is a great time to build your COURAGE muscles! Saturdays during this month will be opportunities for you to learn and develop a deeper understanding of the COURAGE model. Find a mentor…Grab some quotes…Try therapy! Courage is not for the faint of heart (did I just hear, “no duh!”?). You can’t live a life of courage without support, without a tribe, without accountability and mentorship. This is the month to commit to connection!


GO BE COURAGEOUS!  I’d love to hear what you do this month!  Send a photo and a brief brag about your courageous act to OR post on my Facebook page:



April, 2018 Calendar!

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