Step Forward 2018…31 Days of Intention

Welcome to the new year!  For those of us who couldn’t wait until the clock jumped from 11:59 to 12:00 on New Year’s Eve (and there were QUITE a few of us in that tribe!), THIS is a great chance for a new start.

During this year, I’ll be creating Step Forward calendars.  Each month will provide you inspiration, actions, challenges and maybe even a bit of fun to accompany you on your Step Forward journey.  Step Forward into Growth is the truest and best option for empowered living.  Steps don’t have to be big. In fact, some of the most important and bravest steps are small ones…because they’re on the rockiest, scariest, shakiest paths that can only lead to growth.  If you want to change your story, you’re going to have to Step Forward.

This month’s Step Forward is INTENTION.  Before any hero starts a journey, he or she has to have a destination…a North Star…a purpose…a challenge.  Intention starts the journey you are taking in a purposeful, growing direction.  Why INTENTION?  Because too many resolutions are flying through the air…and by January 10 (in a good year), most of them have died quick and painfully obscure deaths.  INTENTION is a step that focuses on ONE WORD.  What is the one word you want to focus on this year?  It may be a feeling word:  PEACE, JOY, CALM, PASSION, COMPASSION.  It may be an action word:  JUSTICE, THRIVE, BRAVE, SHALOM.  It may be a scary word:  SOBRIETY, COMMITMENT, LOVE, PARTNER, FORGIVENESS.  Whatever you need to focus on for this beautiful new year is your INTENTION.

Not sure what you want to use as your WORD?  Take your time…it’s NOT about the destination!  It’s about the journey…it’s about taking a STEP FORWARD into GROWTH.

You got this.  Enjoy 31 days of INTENTION.  THIS is your story…live it well.



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