July Step Forward Calendar: FREE!

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July 2018 FREE Calendar


Happy July!  This is the heart of summer…the time to focus on how it feels to feel good.  During this month, we celebrate the ideas of Freedom…Independence…Liberty.  We barbecue and swim…light fireworks and enjoy fireflies dancing in the late evening.

Anticipating this month made me wonder, “HOW FREE DO YOU FEEL?”  Emotional freedom is the ability to own the feelings and stories you experience without shame or victimhood.  Truly free people are able to enjoy their relationships, family and their current life…even if it’s difficult!


How is this possible???


Because emotionally free people are able to observe the current situation wherever they are and understand that the current challenges and barriers are opportunities to try new tools for communicating boundaries, needs and even gratitude.  They are able to use their voice in a way that feels like there’s a real live adult inside.  They recognize when they are starting to tell a victim story, and make the changes inside and in the world around them that support their empowerment and belief that even the hardest experiences are not capable of destroying their life.


This month’s calendar is a little different.  First, there are only five days a week posted.  C’mon!  Everyone needs a weekend!  Plus I’ll be posting fun stuff on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for those who want to enjoy a little more FREE! in their week.


So enjoy some FREE during the long, hot month of July.  You’ll enjoy some Free Advice…Free Stuff…Adventures in FREE!  I hope you’ll share this calendar, or invite someone to join you in daily exercises that will inspire you and remind you how sweet freedom really is!


“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.”

Charlotte Bronte

Here’s your link to July’s FREE! Calendar:

July 2018 FREE Calendar


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